J.V. is a renowned Brazilian stylist-consultant and photographer. His work has gained notoriety for its wide-spectrum techniques, including the very stylish head-shots that have made him internationally recognized.

"Throughout my several years of working as a make-up artist and hair dresser to many well known people, I've noticed that after the make-up application, they are transformed from simple human beings to "celebrities" with different mannerisms and speech... sometimes fantastic changes, sometimes strange ones."

And I wonder. How would that transformation be with everyday people like you and me. I have always seen people with extraordinary beauty and talent hidden behind an unfair wall of cultural limits, superstitions and religions, raised without any confidence.

I give them my all and... VOILA!  What an amazing transformation! After awhile, with some intimate conversation and quality work, doors open for them to be confident and believe in themselves.

It's like seeing a second personality emerge from the inner self. The you you never knew. All of a sudden, the ordinary human being becomes a SUPERSTAR.

I try not to plan the photo shoot. I don't even know what make-up techniques or lighting will be used. All I know is that somebody comes to my studio as my subject; and after the make-up application, hair styling and whatever else,

WOW!  We see the imagination run free. No boundaries, no mirrors, just feelings and the camera making the picture. I enjoy the art of   photographing the nude body with a black infinite background. It's the body and my imagination. the model's feelings and my camera. What a joy! We take the road to unknown destiny.

My work is never named. When a picture is framed, hung and viewed, the viewer uses his own imagination to absorb my work. When I am working, I feel I have been given a gift of joy that I'm sharing with my models and other subjects.